We combine specific information about your land generated from our professional team communicated to you in an easy to understand educational format.

(Our professional team includes: lawyers, town planners, engineers, environmental consultants, architects civil contractors and other specialists). Our approach back to you the land owner is then through clear, direct and consistent communication.

This provides you with an opportunity to understand in-depth the development process without any tension, pressure or anxiety. This process and personal communication is lead by our Managing Director Nathan Komorowski whom you will have direct access from initial chat through to settlement and on to your next chapter.

Trust is built with open communication. Our team will start by providing independent and factual information about your land. Drawing upon various sources from our professional team we will provide to you the land owner without obligation a customised Development Report. This has been very valuable for our land owners as it shows clearly what can and cannot be developed upon your land and forms a large part of what it’s sales value is worth.

If you are curious to know more about your land and the process of working with Nathan Komorowski and Land Direct as well obtaining your complimentary Development Report, then please book in for a Research Call at a time that suits you by clicking on the Book in My Research Call

Book in My Research Call

Your Research Call is a 15 minute chat with Nathan that includes a desktop overview of your land and specific information around town planning, engineering, environmental and any other information relevant to its development potential. This is not our opinion this is information compiled from independent professional consultants such as town planners, civil engineers, environmental & traffic consultants.

During your complimentary ‘research call’ you can talk to Nathan personally and ask any burning questions you may have or talk about the development process, your scenario, land or situation.

To book your complimentary Research Call please fill in some quick details below

Your details will be kept 100% private and confidential and will be used for “Research Call" purposes only