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Having dedicated the last 14 years of his working life to learning, living and leading all aspects of land development our Managing Director Nathan Komorowski identified a real need in the marketplace to serve the land owner first and foremost.

Having personally met and connected with hundreds of landowners he found a major gap in how the land owner was being represented through traditional real estate and development negotiations and the results they were getting. Meaning a local real estate agent didn’t have the experience or skillsets to understand or influence the development process and the traditional developer didn’t want to tell the land owner the full picture about their land for fear of not getting the best deal.

Leaving the land owner with only two options. Either a hit and miss approach with standard real estate marketing or not knowing if they actually got a good deal with a traditional developer as they were constantly being told about all the issues with their land to drive the price down. Some common themes we heard were feelings of frustration, being powerless and left in the dark.

After hearing this time and time again we decided to approach the development process with the land owner with a fresh mindset. One that was educational, factual and with a foundation of honest and direct communication. It gave them confidence to work with us and trust us to unlock the highest sales value on their most valuable asset. They would be updated regularly in regards to what was happening and could contact us with any other questions in between. Giving them the freedom to plan the next chapter of their lives whilst our dedicated team of professionals got to work on getting them the result they wanted and deserved in the meantime. (All without any risk, cost or commission in the process).

We believe this unique blend of skills, experience and approach has been the reason we have a growing number of success stories in the marketplace.

14 Years experience and $140 million+ banked by land owners. Highest sales value, zero risk, cost or commission

We welcome you to hear a few of these stories from past land owners on our Land Owners page