On this page you will find a series of complimentary educational videos for you the land owner.

Request a Development Report on your land today and find out the 3 factors that can increase your land value

As a land owner we know you get bombarded with all types of marketing, promises and information. It’s hard to know what the truth is or credible. That’s why when you request your Development Report you will get nothing but the facts about your land. So you start to understand the development fundamentals and ultimately get the highest sales price.

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What are the roles and backgrounds of the people contacting me about my land? How can I qualify them?

In this quick video we help you to understand & qualify the multiple roles of the people looking to list, buy or develop your land. What to be aware of and what to ask them to understand if they are the right fit for you.

What really is a Development Approval? Will it make my land worth more?

In today's quick video we run through what is actually involved in a Development Approval and will this make your land worth more? Is this something as land owner I should be considering to maximise the value of my land?
This video explains in simple language what a Development Approval is and outlines the process.

Why is my neighbours land worth more than mine…and it’s the same size?!

In this quick video we get into the real nitty gritty as to why one piece is the same size & zoning as another is worth MORE than it's neighbour! This are the factors that make up its value as a potential development.

If I book in a research call with Nathan what is involved?

This is for landowners who are curious to know more about their land and what can and can’t be done as a development and the factors that make up its sales value. Our team with specifically research your land specifically and we have a chat about it along with any questions you may have. This provides the land owner an educational opportunity to learn more about the development process without any tension or anxiety.

Can I keep my house and sell the back portion of my land?

You may be a land owner who wants to stay in your area or home and sell only the back portion of your land. In this short video we talk about what is involved and the things to look out for from a development perspective to understand if this is a viable option for you or not.

Understanding the 2 types of Council Approval Processes and how this can affect your land settlement

In this quick video we talk in simple easy to understand language around town planning and the types of Development Approvals developers lodge through your local council. This is important so you understand the timeframes involved through each of them and the likelihood of getting an approval from council. The council approval is a critical step for your land to settle.

What is Due Diligence? How to understand if a buyer is really working hard on your land?

As a land owner you may have heard this term quite a lot from people in the property and development industry but what does it mean? Understanding this means you are able to qualify if the people looking to buy your land actually have the experience to get the best result for you and your family.

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This series has been recorded on-site at a few of our completed land deals. We recall some of the first hand experiences, land owners and people involved.  What can we learn in hindsight about the people and as a business about each one.

Consistent communication builds confidence and trust (69 townhouse development)

Case study : 71 Yawalpah Rd Pimpama

Listening to the sentimental details is important (102 townhouses)

Case study : 22-24 Pimpama Jacobs Well Rd Pimpama

Knowing the research and numbers first (72 lot land subdivision)

Case study : 511 Chambers Flat Rd Logan Reserve

How to get a development on flood affected land (71 lot land subdivision)

Case study : 55-71 Sweets Rd, Pallara

Delivering a higher result than expected and communicating challenges along the way (63 lot land subdivision)

Case study : 309 Tallagandra Rd Holmview

Our largest land subdivision - 6 land owners combined for a 330 home project (Impact Assessable Approval)

Case study : 659-679 Chambers Flat Rd Logan Reserve

Meeting the local demand (childcare & 55 lot land subdivision)

Case study : 272,278 Chambers Flat Rd & 16 Bayes Rd Logan Reserve

Referrals to neighbours are always the best compliment (41 lot land subdivision)

Case study : 392 Wuraga Rd Holmview

Consistency builds trust over time even with tough characters (34 lot land subdivision)

Case study : 413 Chambers Flat Rd Logan Reserve

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