1. I am a land owner and would like to know when I receive my full agreed purchase price?

This comes at land settlement once the Development Approval has been obtained. This is usually either on or before the agreed timeframe in your option agreement.

2. What if I don’t get a development approval?

We focus upfront on the council’s needs and guidelines to ensure we get the approvals through. However in the case of us not obtaining the approval whatever reports, plans and consultancy work that has been done will remain the property of the land owner. In many cases these are worth a significant amount of money. This is our loss and your gain.

3. What is an option agreement?

It is a legally binding agreement whereby we agree to a price to be paid at the end of the agreed timeframe. Within this timeframe the buyer is permitted to add value to the property by way of a development approval. The owner still legally owns the property and has title right up to settlement.

1. Is Land Direct the physical builder?

No Land Direct is not the physical builder. Our skills are in Project Management however so we look to tender our projects to various capable and competent builders. We then contract one to manage the build who we believe has the experience to deliver the project on-time and on-budget.

2. How do you select your consultants?

We hire our consultants based on experience and results. They need to have a proven track record in the area, council and sector of construction we are working in.

3. Do you work with other developers?

Yes we provide a range of skill sets from concept to completion that developers can engage us with such as sourcing a site through to project marketing. You will find these under the ‘Development’ section of the website under ‘Project Lifecycle’.

1. What is a development partner?

On some developments Land Direct will work with a funder, investor or another developer to build or deliver the project. This works well for the land owner as we can draw upon further resources from our development partners so we can work on multiple sites & development at any one time. For the development partner they are able to take on the project with Land Direct and increase their speed to market whilst minimising their risk and increasing their profitability.

2. I would like to work with Land Direct to find me a profitable townhouse project. How does it work?

We work with a selected group of clients. When it comes to townhouse development our capacity is between 10-200 units. We consult with you intimately initiallly to understand the type & size of development you require and the timing of your next project. We then target off market opportunitites with our acquisition team to deliver the development you require in the most effective timeframes.

3. So what services do you provide and why use land direct?

Please visit our Acquisitions page for further details.