Creating a successful residential development takes a collective vision and collaboration from a committed team. Lead by Nathan Komorowski the team at Land Direct draws upon experience from professional consultants handpicked based upon results. We then integrate these skills with creativity from our development experience right from the concept phase to ensure a completed and successful development.

We are always looking to partner with land owners & investors that share our values.



We understand what it takes to make a townhouse development profitable due to our track record. Our development partners can maximise their returns & minimise their risk and increase their speed to market. For the land owner this means more certainty and probability that the deal will be completed in the least amount of time. The land owner has direct access to our Managing Director Nathan Komorowski at all times for progress updates. We are open, honest & committed to the end. 

Land owners please view the ‘Project Lifecycle’ below as it is important for you to understand what it takes for a successful development to happen. The critical stages for you to be aware of are due diligence (phase 5) where by we let you know the results of our research and if the deal is progressing towards a formal Development Approval application. Once we have received the satisfactory Development Approval (phase 6) we can then settle on the land (phase 11). All the phases in between i.e. phase 7 - 10 are run as close to each other as possible to ensure the most effective use of time.