Land Owners

Land Direct will partner with you to discover what the real value of your land is and it's development potential.

Property Development is a very challenging and indepth process. To deliver a project from concept to completion requires full committment. Many land owners also do not have the experience, contacts or resources to take it on independently. This is where Land Direct's expertise comes in to fill this gap.

By partnering with our team you can increase the profitability of your property. You will receive a piece of the profits from the development in return for giving us the time to add value to your property by way of obtaining a Development Approval.

We co-ordinate this with you through the use of a standard option agreement. This is a legal document which gives us permission to obtain the Development Approval (at 100% our cost) while you still have the title of the property and can continue to live or rent the property out.

For the owner of the land this can add massive value to their property through the Development Approval because it is our time, energy and money spent on your property whilst you still own it. We do everything within the council guidelines and town plan through understanding and fulfilling the council's needs first and foremost. Our homework is done upfront to save time and ensure we obtain the result of obtaining the Development Approval sooner.

Our communication to you is consistent and constant throughout the development process. We appreciate the more you understand the process the more confidence you will have in us to deliver the result. Once the satisfactory Development Approval is obtained we are then able to pay you the land owner and effectively settle on the land and continue the physical development process.

We keep you updated regularly throughout the planning process.

Land Direct prides itself on its honest and direct communication with land owners and we respect that your property is a great investment and needs to deliver the highest return through a strategic partnership with us.



“It was awesome – put it that way. I got what I wanted out of it and more. My property settled for $3,300,000, I was happy to settle for $2.5 and with Nathan obviously I got more, I was happy. I never paid commission. He was direct and someone that I could trust. I always liked someone to put something down when you sign but I trusted Nathan and we went along with the contract. He is direct and that’s what you want, not people to bullsh*t you, that’s a person that you would like to sell your place or buy your place. I cannot fault Nathan in any way, I would recommend him anytime”.

- Trevor Campodonico

“He (Nathan) made us feel that we believed in him, which I did. After going through with so many others – Nathan was pretty good. He was straight about everything. He didn’t promise us the world and give us nothing, he explained everything to us and after being with so many others he was like a breath of fresh air. We had just confidence in him – he was there for himself but for us too.

Go with him – you won’t find anyone more confident, honest and straight to your face. What he was talking about, and the way he made you feel was that he was there not only to help himself but to help us get what we wanted, and he did”.

- Lyn and Craig Hartig

“I bought my property in 2001 for $235,000 and I have always said from that day that I would never sell it for less than $1,000,000. Land Direct got me $1,400,000 which helped me out immensely. I bought a million dollars’ worth of properties, a new truck, paid off a debt and am doing up my house at the moment. I would highly recommend Nathan, he’s professional – He’s a good bloke. (Working with Land Direct) made my life, and my family’s life a lot better. There’s no pressures of where we are getting money to pay the bills, we don’t have to worry anymore”.

- Cameron Kirk