About Us

Our expertise is focussed in the areas of land acquisitions & residential development (townhouses & subdivisions). We work with land owners and our development partners to deliver a profitable project and outcome for all parties.

Our Managing Director Nathan Komorowski has managed residential developments up to the value of $14.7m per project & successfully completed land acquistions to a value of $51m per transaction.

This track record combined with 10 years experience in the property development industry provides real and measurable value to our land owners and development partners.


At Land Direct we believe the foundation of any business is built upon a core set of values and beliefs. These help to mould the behaviour of the team towards a collective vision. From the clients perspective it also gives a direct insight into how the business thinks and operates so they know what to expect throughout the relationship.

Our culture and direction is driven by the following values:

Proactive & Responsible

Our reputation is built upon taking positive action towards the desired outcome. This starts with our team taking ownership of the outcome and ensuring it is delivered upon within the given timelines. This translates to our clients having confidence that what we say we do.

Asking Better Questions

The foundation of our business is built around creative problem solving. It constantly involves exploring lateral thinking to gain the desired result. If we don’t know the answer then we find out who does. One of the most common questions we ask that precedes the solution is ‘How?’ this ensures our focus is in the right place.

Partner & Prosper

At Land Direct our ‘clients’ are diverse and range from investors, financial planners, land owners, builders and developers. What is common to all of these ‘clients’ is that we view them as partnerships. The key to a successful long-term partnership is to focus on the other party’s needs. We believe once we meet their needs then our business prospers along with it.

Constant & Never Ending Improvement

We need to be constantly looking for ways to improve and grow as a team and as individuals. We believe there is always another level we can strive to reach for our clients which ensures our business flourishes as a result. These improvements can come in many forms from strategies and psychology to technology so it is important we remain curious to new ideas and change.

Honest & Direct Communication

Honesty in everything we do is core to our integrity both as a team and as individuals. This transparency builds trust and rapport for long-term relationships and their prosperity. We ensure our communication is effective so our message must be delivered to the other party directly and with clarity.