Profitable Residential Developments

We source off market townhouse & subdivision sites for our clients that generate a minimum of 25% profit on cost to our clients with the least amount of risk whilst increasing your speed to market by between 3 – 6 months. We provide favourable contract terms & in-depth due diligence on the site including: concept plans, services, council feedback and a working feasibility with all contingencies, building, marketing & costings included from independent sources.

If there are any challenges of constraints on the site we communicate these with you upfront along with potential solutions. We are open and transparent with all information.

Our outcome is always to ensure that the deal is completed as smoothly as possible in the least amount of time for both the land owner and our development partners.

Our clients do multiple developments with Land Direct because of our expertise, honesty and real value that we bring to the table throughout every project.



The services we deliver our development partners are :

  • Profitable Residential Developments (25% + POC)
  • Favourable development terms & legal structure
  • Working Feasibility Analysis
  • In-depth Due Dilligence
  • Services location & capacity
  • Concept Design
  • Marketing/Exit Plan
  • Pre-lodgement Meeting Co-ordination
  • Co-ordination & introduction of key consultants

Independent Professionals we work with (but not limited to):

  • Local City Council Key Decision-Makers
  • Local City Council Consultants
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Valuers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Engineers
  • Private & Local Town Planners
  • Surveyors